Anahita Khodadadi
Researcher, Designer, and Educator


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© Background photo: Mount Damavand, Iran, by Soroush Khodadadi
Hi! I'm Anahita. Welcome to my page!


I'm an assistant professor at Portland State University. I teach courses on structures, building science and tectonics, mentor architecture design studios, and advise graduate design and research projects. I received my doctoral degree in Architecture (Building Technology) at the University of Michigan.

In most of the design-research projects with which I have been involved, I have worked to integrate multiple disciplines at the early stages of the architectural design process. My research projects usually involve the triple-bottom line of:

  • Computation, including programming and parametric design and interactive multi-objective form exploration;

  • Building science and tectonic, including thermal and day-lighting simulation, structural analysis, development of Clean-Tech and Low-Tech building assemblies;

  • Design science, including creative design thinking and innovative problem-solving.

To specify my research within the broad spectrum of scholarly works on integrated design, I indicate my concentration on the early phases of design and consideration of both quantitative performance-based and qualitative characteristics of the design alternatives. Most of my studies attempted to expose designers a wide diversity of suitable solutions versus minimizing the objective functions to find high-performing ones.

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