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ARCH 564 - Tectonic 3 (Building Construction Techniques)

Portland State University
Course description

Architectural Technology III (Building Tectonics 3), is the third in a 3 - part sequence introducing design and construction technologies. In Tectonics I, students were introduced to the properties of materials. In Tectonics II, the invest igations focused on assemblies of materials. In Tectonics III, students will synthesize the previous courses and gain a holistic view of buildings. They will learn about laying out the building on a site, soil excavation, support systems, and slope protection, footings and foundations, selection of wall, framing and flooring systems, roofing system, thermal insulation, building skins and cladding, curtain walls, doors and windows, different mediums of vertical conveyance, sanitary facilities,

bathrooms, kitchen, joints, interior finishing, and specifications. Students will apply their understanding of materials, construction, structure, and assembly to two and three-dimensional studies of technologically integrated building propositions, including the integration of environmental systems. The emphasis will be on teamwork, construction details, and model-making as a means of investigation. 

Course Objectives
  • To introduce students to means of architectural making with an emphasis on both the pragmatics and poetics of construction.

  • To explore a range of options for integrating technological systems and make informed assessment of appropriateness to experiential, practical, and sustainable objectives.

  • To address technological compatibility through combination and assembly.

  • To enable students to test their choices through carefully crafted drawings and models.

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By Martha Dane

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