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Design Exploration of Cymatics-Inspired Shells
Since 2021

Anahita Khodadadi, Niloufar Emami, Kimia GHADERIAN

This study presents a multi-objective design exploration of a series of thin concrete shells whose configurations mimic cymatic shapes. Cymatics is the study of sound and vibration made visible, typically on the surface of a plate, diaphragm, or membrane. To date, some experiments and observations have been carried out to discuss the influential parameters on cymatics shapes. However, very few studies have investigated the application of these natural forms in the design of buildings. This study aims to contribute to the novel design of shells by studying the topology of cymatic shapes, which can be utilized in creating shells. In this study, four distinct cymatic shapes are translated into three dimensions and modeled parametrically to create shells covering a 20x20 m2 layout. Then, shells' topologies and corresponding force flows are explored to find geometrical solutions whose structural performance values are suitable regarding multiple objectives, including total weight, maximum deflection, and maximum stress levels.


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