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Design and Construction Studio 2
IAU - School of Art and Arhcitecture

Course Description

This course intends to present an overview of the materials, components, and systems of construction. Lectures are given weekly and are paired with studio sessions. Each week a construction topic is explained and followed by a series of exercises that take the subject matter of the week further through drawing, analysis, and discussion. Lecture topics cover an introduction to material systems including reinforced concrete, steel and masonry, framing, thermal insulation, finishing, elements of construction including foundations, floors, roofs, facade systems, and openings. Lab exercises require students to demonstrate their understanding of construction practices and their application. The design project constitutes the majority of course grade in combination with the final exam. Overall, the goal of the course, as structured through lectures, labs, and exams, is to provide the knowledge, understanding, and ability to work with construction systems as an interrelated and influential aspect of architectural design.


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