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Marzdaran Residential Building


Tehran, Iran

Architect and supervisor : Anahita Khodadadi, Constructor: Fereydoon Jamshidi


Residential Area: 468 m² |  Total Area: 924 m²

The site was located in a residential region and was adjacent to two under construction apartments. The residents were all musicians and needed acoustic and insulated rooms to work with the least disturbance.  According to clients’ request and Tehran Building Code, the residential building designed in the 60% of the north side of the site. The building code does not allow putting windows directly on the north side of the building. As a result, a 12-square meter patio was designed to open the windows in this space. Then the three bedrooms designed with appropriate specification to meet the client requests. It was tried to leave less area for corridors and allocate the most space for rooms. Materials, specifications and other required elements were determined to have the most durability among polluted air, soil moisture and sever sun light in Tehran.

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