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CleanTech Design
Since 2020

Anahita Khodadadi

The main goal of this project is to explore and develop environmental/structural systems with minimum environmental impact. This project includes several studies and mentoring student's thesis and innovations. Many of this projects are presented and awarded at PSU CleanTech Challenge, and Invent Oregon Collegiate Challenge.

Please find further information about my students' innovations and their achievements at the provided links:

Timber Recyclingdeveloping a system to reuse timber in wood-framed construction to allow close to 100% of the wood framing to be reused.

Flux: Developing the next generation of kinetic architecture for ecologically sustainable buildings.

Living Education Center: designing an innovative prototype for the future of children’s education in a school setting focused on the environment. This project received multiple awards at InventOR.

Echo-Screens: This project aims to upcycle plastic utensils to make screen shades. This project could help the cities by providing small homeless shelters and other structures on public lands such as transit stations.  

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