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Kovardin Commercial Tower 


Tehran, Iran

Anahita Khodadadi, Mahzad Tashakori, 2008

Design Ideas

The main idea of this project was providing the opportunity for the users of the official and commercial spaces to experience the nature of the public park during their working time. Moreover, it seems necessary to avoid the view of a huge integrated tower and create double or triple towers to reduce the impact of a massive tall building. 

This idea made us to design a twin-tower and allow one of the towers passes through the other which could provide a pleasant sky garden for the user of towers. A suspended structural system was suggested to cover the 40-meter span over the sky garden. Two space frames considered to support the suspended hangers in the greater tower. Four lateral trusses were also considered to strengthen the building along the perpendicular direction. The other tower shaped by using vierendeel trusses.

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